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What is Foot Reflexology?
Foot Reflexology is a natural healing therapy by applies pressure to reflex points on the feet which correspond to vital organs and glands in the body. The therapist will provide you with a soothing foot soak, leg massage, and foot reflexology. This type of massage will reduce your body tension, increase blood circulation, restore nerve function, and establish body balance.

How much does Foot Reflexology cost?
$65- 60 Minutes Foot Reflexology
$89-90 Minutes Foot Reflexology

$129- 60 Minutes Couple Foot Reflexology
$175-90 Minutes Couple Foot Reflexology
* Price are subject to change without notice.

Why Foot Reflexology is good for you?
Benefits of Foot Reflexology or simple Foot Massage can offer a surprising number of health benefits including the following: Relaxation and Stress Relief; Better Sleep; Improved Circulation; Lower Blood Pressure; Injury Prevention and Faster Recovery; Alleviation of Headaches and Migraines; Decreased Feelings of Anxiety; Cure for Swelling of the Legs; Cure Chronic Sinus Infections; Relieve Symptoms of Cancer, Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis; PMS Symptom Relief; Nail and Skin Health,,,

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